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2017 Girls’ Science & Engineering Day

On Saturday, September 23rd UAH hosted their 10th annual Girls’ Science and Engineering Day for 3rd – 5th grade girls. Members of the Huntsville Branch, Rachel Finch, Lori Visone, Alex Lopez-Rogina, and Rachel Bolton, organized and led a workshop on civil engineering titled “How Civil Are You?”. At the beginning of each session very few girls had ever heard of civil engineering. With an excellent video provided by the ASCE National Society and hands-on activities crafted by our volunteers, the girls learned all about the fun and versatile profession.

Watching ASCE’s “What Do Civil Engineers Do?

Rachel Bolton & Rachel Finch leading the girls in a critical thinking activity for transportation design

Lori Visone teaching the girls about different types of pollution and how they reach the river

Representations of Pollution:
Soil runoff, trash, gasoline, fertilizer, dog poop, herbicide, acid rain, antifreeze, & “mystery liquid”

Testing filters designed by the girls with “polluted river water”

Comparing different filter deisgns